What is Vulcan Forged (PYR) and how to make money playing it?


What is a play-to-earn crypto game?

Distributed technologies including blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) provide game developers and gamers with a more interactive, immersive and incentivized experience than ever before through new game models advertised by tech enthusiasts and play-to-earn (P2E) crypto. Gives the game model name.

P2E games, also known as blockchain-based or cryptocurrency games, receive significant attention from the gaming community and developers because they provide an opportunity to own in-game assets, data to fuel in-game economic systems. and provide many other facilities for convenience. Metaverse ecosystem.


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With P2E games, players can own and trade various in-game inventory and items such as characters, skins, weapons, virtual lands and other digital accessories to achieve high performance in the game as well as receive financial rewards . Due to the P2E model, gamers are compensated for their skills, and developers and gaming projects have the potential to attract more players. The P2E crypto game is a win-win event to emerge as a successful trend recently.

What is Vulcan Lattice?

Designed as an easy-to-build and P2E ecosystem, Vulcan Forged includes a game studio dedicated to NFT games built on Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain, as well as an NFT marketplace, Launchpad, a decentralized exchange ( DEX) called VulcanDex. , and a decentralized application (dApp) incubator that eagerly supports third-party game creators and procured NFT trading for its native Vulkan Forged ecosystem.

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So far, Vulcan Forged Studios has created about a dozen video games, each of which allows the player to win, sell, and upgrade their in-game items and NFTs to earn crypto. Among the series of games in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, VulcanVerse is one of the most popular.


VulcanVerse is the flagship product of Vulcan Forged Studio. It is a metaverse and a fantasy massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) supported by fighting-fantasy authors Jamie Thomson and Dave Morris, where users can explore, build, discover crypto. and can earn.

The game is based on Greek and Roman mythology. Land, gods, objects and vulcanites are the main assets in VulcanVerse. Gods provide players with passive abilities that improve stats such as speed and attack. Other in-game items also add utility, granting players spells that temporarily activate various special powers.

Pet collectibles called Vulcanites also play an important role in the gameplay of the Vulcanverse. They are companions who follow the player across the map and assist them in defense, fighting, pastures, and espionage. On top of this, players can use their Vulcanites in other games within the Vulcan Lattice ecosystem. Vulcanites vary by stats, lore, and level, and can be upgraded.

In addition, Vulcanverse is a place where the Vulcan lattice community can purchase, exchange and build land parcels as part of the map in the form of NFTs. These land plots, each size 20×20, can be purchased on the game-native market and start at level 1. Players are able to level up seven levels to reach higher ranks, unlock new features, get better equipment, pet Vulcanite or even stake assets to earn passive income Gave.

VulcanVerse gameplay is interesting even for an avid gamer, as it is entertaining and easy to play. Just follow the instructions.

What is PYR Token?

PYR is the native utility token of the Vulkan Lattice community-based blockchain gaming ecosystem. It is a cross-chain ERC-20 token that powers the entire gamut of dApps, which players can use across all of the studio’s games.

PYR can be used in Vulkan Forged for a variety of purposes, including fees for marketplace settlement, upgrading and maintaining game asset levels, buying and selling NFTs on the Vulkan Forged Marketplace, earning P2E profits, decentralized finance ( DeFi) games and a launchpad for the gaming pool. In addition, users can stake Vulcan Forged (PYR) and other assets. In addition, PYR provides access to Vulcan Forged game developers and the DApp incubation program.

PYR is available on both the Ethereum and Polygon mainnets. Although Vulkan Forged was initially launched on Ethereum, most of the features offered by the project use the Polygon version. For example, the NFT Marketplace exclusively executes transactions denominated in PYR/Polygon (Matic). By porting PYR to the Polygon Network, which is a layer-2 scaling solution, the team has significantly reduced transaction fees. As a result, Vulkan Forged seamlessly executes high-speed transactions at a low cost.

For Vulkan Lattice Tokenomics, 50 million PYR have been created. Of those 20 million are in maximum circulation, and another 10 million will be used for play-to-earn pools, staking and more. For now, PYR is available on Uniswap, Quickswap and other platforms. Users can trade PYR on Kucoin, Gate.io, Binance and Bittrex exchanges.

The secondary token of the Vulkan Lattice ecosystem is named LAVA. Players can earn this by betting on PYR and playing the Vulcan Forged game. LAVA can also be used as in-game currency for land building and NFT upgrades.

How to earn money in Vulcan Forged?

Vulcan Forged is designed to reward users with tokens at every stage of the gameplay, thereby significantly increasing their participation in the game. Rewards can be gained through battles with another player or by befriending a user, through guest completion and map navigation, by hunting things down, and even by taking screenshots of one’s territory.

Basically, the Vulcan Forged P2E rewards system revolves around betting and improving the land by spending PYR and LAVA. Vulcan forged tokens are considered the most profitable P2E option on various in-game assets. This method programmatically locks crypto to improve gameplay functionality and exclusive rights.

To unlock staking functionality, players must “sow” their land, which comes down to paying a one-time fee that allows a piece of land to be upgraded to the next level. Once gamers upgrade their land to another level, they can start betting their tokens. They can only level a plot of land seven times, corresponding to the amount of staking rewards that can be earned at each level.

By upgrading a land to level seven, players maximize their PYR rewards. Users’ PYR tokens can be staked and reinstated to the landowner at any time. Even then, the seeding investment would be lost, and the LAVA would burn out.

In addition, the LAVA Appreciation Program allows Vulcan Forged players to earn LAVA tokens by holding a PYR. The program is divided into eight phases, each of which is awarded based on the number of PYR tokens held by LAVA. Only users who have a PYR in the Vulkan Forged Marketplace Wallet are eligible for this program.

Other ways to stake PYR tokens include collecting seeds in exchange for special items from Vulcan vaults, providing liquidity using the PYR staking program, and staking a pool.

What is the future of play-to-earn crypto games?

Highly popular among Metaverse enthusiasts and gamers, Vulkan Forged is one of the leading gaming ecosystems with video games and virtual worlds that gamers play for crypto token rewards such as Axi Infinity, Sandbox, Sorare, Illuvium and others. Especially contributing to the new digital. Economy. The numbers speak for themselves, as the P2E gaming market is growing at a rapid pace, generating billions in revenue.

In addition, Facebook’s renaming of META, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft’s launch of the Quartz platform for playable and energy-efficient NFTs, and other recent major developments in the industry indicate that the traditional IT and gaming industry is serious. are the implementation of blockchain innovations in mainstream gaming.

Even though P2E may not completely overtake the traditional gaming industry, all these developments and community support strongly suggest that P2E crypto games are one of the major directions in the future of gaming.