Metaverse sneak peek: Project aims to build a creator-focused economy through blockchain


A Metaverse project that will provide a digital hub for creators, gave the community the opportunity to travel within their Metaverse city and explore an early version of the vision it aims to achieve.

Last week, Web3 maker economy protocol DEIP launched a program within its metaverse. Acting as a virtual tour guide welcoming participants with a speech by DEIP CEO and co-founder Alex Shakor, Cointelegraph explored the city while listening to the guide.


DEIP Metaverse City Exploration.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Shakor explained that the space was created with the goal of empowering creators and connecting them to each other. Shakor said:

“We were keen to create a place where creators could meet, collaborate and learn more about the latest technological developments that could enable the transition to a decentralized maker economy.”

The platform hopes to give creators a platform to discover, evaluate, license and exchange “intangible assets” such as artworks. It aims to move data storage from centralized publishers to a decentralized platform, giving creators more control with respect to their work. In addition, DeIP also wants to give creators better monetization opportunities.

According to Shakor, the space was created by Arrowhead Metaverse Ecosystem, Balagan Creative Agency and Atrium Architectural Studio. The team also partnered with Near Protocol and Octopus Network to help grow their ecosystem.

During the incident, one of the most noticeable attractions was the blue balloon dog. Shakor mentioned that it is Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog (blue), a physical sculpture that was converted into digital art to be displayed at the event.

Jeff Koon’s Balloon Dog (blue) featured in the DEIP Metaverse.

Running an event within the Metaverse is an interesting move, with the event also indicating that the Metaverse is still in its early stages. Moving through the digital space, Cointelegraph faced some minor difficulties such as getting disconnected and audio being cut.

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Meanwhile, the Metaverse token is performing well despite the bear market. According to a report by Kraken Intelligence, the metaverse-related digital asset outperformed other token categories by nearly 400% year-on-year.