Crypto Stories: YouTuber Paco de la India explains his travels using Bitcoin


A YouTuber started traveling the world to see if he could survive only on Bitcoin as a means of payment.

In the latest episode of Cointelegraph’s ‘Crypto Stories’ series, India’s Paco describes how he began his journey from the city of Bengaluru and learned from the examples of travel pioneers who came before him, including Nelly Bailey, who of late has circled the world. 19th century in less than 73 days. Before reading Bitcoin (BTC), Paco did a variety of things and made a big decision.


“It’s 2021,” Paco said. “I will travel the world using bitcoin.”

YouTuber added:

“When my journey began, I had zero dollars. I sold my furniture, got $200 of bitcoin, and as soon as I started day one, our first bitcoin meetup in Bangalore, a guy came and gave me $200 of bitcoin. […] I plan to visit 40 countries in 400 days.”

Paco said he was delaying his travel plans by the ongoing pandemic – especially after the Omicron version hit India. However, he had visited eight different countries and was in Africa at the time of the Cointelegraph interview.

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“I think Africa needs bitcoin more than anyone else in the world,” he said. “All currencies are falling, countries are falling – this is a big blow, this is happening. Fix the money, fix the world.”